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Established in 1998, Kinetix Systems Limited (“Kinetix”) is an experienced IT services provider with business portfolio including IT solutions, provision of hardware and software and maintenance and support, with approximately 18 years of experience in the IT consulting services industry in Hong Kong.

We have partnered with major IT vendors, including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, while the one with IBM is of the current highest level of such partnerships.

We are privileged to be the Company awarded for all categories of the current SOA-QPS4 (consecutive 4th SOA-QPS contract as Prime) and Public Cloud Services from the HKSAR. Concurrently, we have also obtained the ISO 20000-1:2011-Information Technology Service Management certificate. This again proves our achievement of the world’s standard for quality of services.

Since 2015, we have been honored with the title of "Caring Company" by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services in recognition of achieving corporate social responsibility. Colleagues are one of our greatest assets we always value. Extensive staff care services are provided to ensure the well-being of colleagues. With regard to community engagement, Kinetix Volunteer Team takes the lead in supporting our colleagues to participate in social awareness activities. In the aspect of environmental protection, we implement green practices to ensure an environmental friendly office space. Caring deeply for our colleagues, community and environment, we as a corporate citizen, will continue to inspire people for greater causes, ultimately enriching others' lives.

IT infrastructure solutions services: We assess our customers' needs and their existing IT infrastructure solutions services to our customers by advising them the hardware and /or software that their IT system would require and procuring hardware and software, such as servers, storage systems, security systems, networking equipment, application server, email system and relational database management system from a number of authorised distributor or third party suppliers and integrating them with our customers' IT systems.

IT development solutions services: Our provision of IT development solutions services generally includes system analysis and design, software development and technology consultancy. We provide IT development solutions services on a project basis.

IT maintenance and support services: Following the completion of our provision of the aforesaid IT services, we may be engaged by our customers to provide on-going maintenance and support services under a separate engagement. Some customers also engage us for providing maintenance and support services on hardware or software purchased or developed from third party suppliers.

Our Vision

Foster the growth of our community through deploying the best-of-breed IT solutions to our clients

Be the key in unlocking our client’s hidden business values

To be a leading service provider in the region and stimulate the growth of our community through better use of IT

Our Mission

Maintain a sustainable growing environment to attract and to nurture the growth of our greatest assets—our diversified talents

Provide a full spectrum of information technology services to business organizations and assist them to achieve higher productivity, realize their competitive advantages and attain returns on investment through the strategic mobilization of information technology

Provide the best-of-breed IT solutions to business organizations to enhance their operational efficiency and management effectiveness through technological advancement and business re-engineering

Create and add values to our clients by integrating and utilizing the state of the art technologies with our clients' business processes

Our Business

In the past years, we have completed over


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Our Services

Kinetix provides professional IT solutions to both the Government of HKSAR and the commercial sectors (mainly Multinationals and Blue Chips), including:

Tailored System Development riding on enterprise middleware / packages

Tailored System Development riding on enterprise middleware / packages

Software Infrastructure Framework Implementation

Software Infrastructure Framework Implementation

System Maintenance and Support

System Maintenance and Support

IT Strategy Planning / Feasibility Study / Technical Study

IT Strategy Planning / Feasibility Study / Technical Study

Mobile Solution for Enterprise

Mobile Solution for Enterprise

Our Clients

What Kinetix's Customers Say: We partner with Kinetix when we can't find a perfect fit packaged software, and they always delivered!

Public Transportation Corporate

Mobile Solution

We helped a Public Transportation Corporate to implement a mobile system to extent their daily tasks monitoring work on mobile devices including both iOS and Android devices. The project adopted Agile Project Management Methodoloty. Technically,the project also adopted IBM Worklight which support multiple mobile operating environments and devices with the simplicity of a single, shared code base.

HKSAR Government department

Policy Automation Solution for a housing system

We are pleased to help a HKSAR Government department to implement a policy automation engine in its sophisticated housing system for increasing its efficiency. The project adopted Agile Project Management Methodology and technically, the project applies Oracle Policy Automation which can automate complex policies, delivering self-service guidance and high volume decision making in both batch and real-time environments.

HKSAR Government department

Quality Assurance Service for financial-related systems

We are pleased to offer professional services to a HKSAR Government authority, on independent testing and quality assurance during system revamp and enhancement implementation of one of their major systems. The involved systems serve as supervisory on data submission and repository of financial information. Our service delivery has fully facilitated the necessary improvement on quality for the finalized system solution, as well as its compatibility with the dynamism and sophistication of regulatory requirements it ought to compile with.

Insurance company

Customer experience improvement through Single Sign-On

We helped a renowned insurance company to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) solution by building an SSO platform for the company’s new and existing policyholders / members of different insurance services, employee benefits and retirement services. Through our delivery of this SSO solution which consolidates respective user names and passwords of policyholders / members for accessing different websites of the company, significant improvement of overall customer experience of its customers has been achieved.

Utility company in Macau

Smart collaboration in situation management

We are pleased to have helped a utility company in Macau in building an application which helps the company to effectively manage company-wide situations and crisis. Through the application that we built and runs on smartphones and mobile devices, users can collaborate and work together in real-time, despite the physical locations where they are, in addressing situations and crisis such as incidents occurred in the company’s plants and facilities. With the help of advanced features built in the application such as guided checklist and workflow, situation escalation, unified cross-groups instant communication, etc., the company’s productivity and capability in timely and effectively manage situations and crisis are greatly improved.

Our Partner

We are partnering with market-leading vendors, by reselling their products and provide value-added service on top, including:



Kinetix truly believes that people are our greatest assets. We provide our people with challenging and rewarding experiences, as well as the learning and ongoing coaching they need, in order to help them grow and realize their aspirations. We are proud to say that developing a career at Kinetix will grant you with invaluable exposure in different areas of information technology services. When our people achieve their best, we can help our clients achieve their best too...

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