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Trend Stories

Low Code Platform
Low-Code Development
Low-Code is becoming a trend in the development of mobile applications and websites. Developing, designing and configuring different functions with customized low-code applications enable corporates to digitize their business and pursue system automation by simple and quick management so as to keep up with market changes.
Low-Code with Kinetix
In Kinetix, we programs and develops low-code applications for various business needs with much faster development time than traditional programming without any compromise on the output.
We offer low-code applications to our clients:
  • Customization: able to adapt the business trend promptly
  • Simple coding: easier management by users
  • Minimal coding: modification can be completed in a short time
  • Add-on Function: automation and AI-driven
Outsystem Partner
Cloud in Kinetix
Cloud Computing
Nowadays Big Data (Cloud) is everywhere in our lives. From internet to mobile applications, Cloud is an essential tool for individuals and corporates. Cloud can be used in different industries for business data storage, sharing, processing and analysis.
Cloud with Kinetix
In Kinetix, we design multiple systems and applications for all kind of businesses and provide professional IT services to safeguard your data into a designated Cloud platform.
We offer professional Cloud integration service to our clients:
  • Security Cloud Platform: 5GB intelligent DDoS detection and protection system
  • Log Service: real-time and offline data analysis and collection
  • Server Load Balancer: multi-layer disaster recovery and automatic traffic distribution
  • 1500+ nodes globally with 120 Tbps of bandwidth for CDN: accelerate the response to user requests and increase the response rate effectively
Alibaba Cloud Partner Network
Kinetix and ERP
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Nowadays corporates place high focus on management integration to increase work efficiency and reduce errors. An integrated ERP system can cover a lot of functions (finance, supply chain, operations, reporting, manufacturing, human resource etc.) that could keep up with increasing and dynamic business needs.
ERP with Kinetix
In Kinetix, we develop cloud-based ERP system that enable our client to review and manage data anywhere, anytime. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can rely on the ERP system to achieve workplace flexibility (e.g. work-from-home) through job assignments and progress monitoring.
We offer comprehensive ERP system to our clients:
  • Secured Cloud Platform: provides real-time financial reporting and AI-driven insights, driving agility and growth
  • Automated System: business processes automation
  • Server Load Balancer: multi-layer disaster recovery and automatic traffic distribution
  • No-code Configuration Service: easier management by users
Gold Microsoft Partner
CRM System
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A successful consumer-oriented business requires a user friendly and unified CRM system to analyze customer information and behavior. A personalized comprehensive CRM system is the key to cope with the fast-paced market trend and rapid change in consumption habits.
CRM with Kinetix
In Kinetix, we develop CRM applications which are specialized in collecting user’s profiles, consumption habits and special preferences. It allows our client to plan different kinds of marketing & promotional campaigns to their target customers effectively. It can also be used as a communication platform to the customers to enhance customer service experience.
We offer integrated CRM system to our clients:
  • Software Integration: all information can be migrated to the centralized CRM system
  • Real-Time Interaction Tracking: monitor and analyze related activities at all times and respond promptly
  • System Automation: assign cases to respective divisions and to monitor progress
Gold Microsoft Partner